ShufflePoint Testimonials

Anthony Osborn, Red Gate Software
“ShufflePoint allows you to create a perfect bridge between your web (i.e. Google Analytics) metrics and your internal data sources. One quick refresh and you'll be quickly gathering relevant insights that previously would have taken you hours. Yes, Google Analytics is a great general purpose clickstream tool for many online businesses, but this is also its limitation - it's way too general for your business. Red Gate Software has over 20 software products each with their own suite of product pages. Visitors will navigate these very differently depending on the type of product and their respective needs. So it is important for us to always be able to slice, dice & filter down within this data so we can quickly get to the insights without the headache. ShufflePoint allows us to easily pull these KPI's into funky Excel, PPT or gadget-based refreshable dashboards and circulate these with the team. Whilst the AQL may sound a bit scary at first their "drag & drop" query builder makes light work of creating your custom queries and ShufflePoint has many examples you can copy and tailor to your needs so getting started is a breeze. And their support is excellent - I'll always get a reply in under 24hrs!

This is quite simply the best and easiest way to create customizable and refreshable queries from your Google Analytics data. If you are even slightly serious about web metrics you should definitely give ShufflePoint a try. ”
Chad Musgrove, Pro Ad Insight
“I am new to Shufflepoint, but I have to say, I am impressed. I love that I am able to create one query in Excel, save it, and then simply change the client name to get all the fresh data for each individual client. Your Powerpoint integration is also a great value, as it impresses my clients, and makes it easy for them to see the overview of their sites data, without confusing them. This will save me hours, and hours of work, and add value to what I do for my clients each month. All at a great price!! It is worth every penny. Thank you Shufflepoint for your innovation”

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