Google Analytics Data Upload

Services to help unify your marketing ROI analysis.

The Google Analytics Management API makes it possible to automated the process of importing campaign cost data into Google Analytics. This makes it possible to include the costs assocaited with, for example, your Bing AdCenter or Facebook Ads campaigns. Aligning these costs as others with your Adwords campaign costs allows for a complete view of the ROI of each of these marketing platforms.

ShufflePoint offers custom consulting services to help companies automate the export, transformation, and upload/import of this cost data. This goes far beyond the manual upload process offered by the basic Google Analytics import functionality. ShufflePoint consultants will create a fully managed solution that imports clean data into GA, suitable for reporting either via the Goolge Analytics web interface, our via ShufflePoint's Excel dashboards.

NOTE: Our product formerly known as In2GA is no longer an independent tool and is now part of our custom consulting packages for data import into Google Analytics.

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