Introducing In2GA

ShufflePoint has released a new service that allows marketers to make use of the recently announced ability to push campaign cost data into Google Analytics

With In2GA marketers can now push cost data from services with less advanced reporting or API capabilities into Google Analytics to create a uniform and holistic view of marketing costs. And of course, once that data is in Google Analytics, it can be uniformly reported on via the GA interface, or via ShufflePoint! In2GA allows ShufflePoint customers to create "Data Origins" in addition to our long-standing "Data Sources" like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, ZoomRank, etc.

In2GA is a software-as-a-service offering. Using ShufflePoint's In2GA configuration console, you specify automatic data transfer operations from data origins into Google Analytics custom datasources. You can also set filters to indicate which campaigns or adgroups should be transferred as well as transformations on data records in order to align the origin names and formats with the UTM parameters, so that PPC spend can be tracked seamlessly to web or mobile conversions.

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