ShufflePoint Support and Professional Services

Free Consultation

During your trial period, ShufflePoint will provide one free hour of phone support and unlimited (subject to availability) email support.

Standard Support

ShufflePoint will provide standard technical support free of charge with no time or call frequency limit for issues related to our products and services associated with normal operation of our service. Standard Support shall include only diagnosis and repair of any malfunction of standard software offerings. Clients will be notified if their support call is not free prior to incurring any expenses.

Paid Professional Services

Consulting Express

If you are stuck on an issue and need immediate assistance, then ShufflePoint Consulting Express is just right for you. ShufflePoint Consulting Express is a prepaid ONE hour (or more, purchase however many you need!) consulting service with a ShufflePoint team member via phone, email, Skype, or web meeting that enables you to have access to ShufflePoint's experienced team for a quick technical problem or a GoToMeeting session to help you find a resolution to a blocking problem.

Contact us and we will get back to you for a free consultation to determine the scope of your project. You can then purchase the hours needed and be sure ShufflePoint will start work on your problem ASAP.

Fixed Price Projects

When the scope of support is beyond problem solving and getting started, ShufflePoint will prepare a fixed-price quote based upon a statement of work prepared in cojnuction with the customer.

  • Recreate and automate your current manually implemented report
  • Create business specific rollup taxonomies and custom KPIs
  • Integrate additional or proprietary data sources

Support Retainer

For ongoing support of complex report configurations or custom report templates. Lower rates are available depending on the number of hours you require. This guarantees you a block of time every week/month according to our agreement. Available in 4-hour per month increments and paid in 90-day increments at the beginning of the quarter. Unused retainer hours are non-refundable.