Analytics Query Tool - Excel IQY Files


Excel IQY files are supported on the Mac and Windows, and are used to dynamically import Google Analytics data through ShufflePoint into an Excel cell range. These cell ranges can then be bound to charts and formatted tables. Spreadsheets built with IQY files can be shared without sharing the IQY file.

If you are in a mixed Windows & Mac environment, then use the Mac IQY file since it is also compatible with Excel for Windows.

For detailed instructions, see Quick Start - Google Analytics with Excel using IQY Files.

“Place query in” setting

This setting specifies if the current query should be added to the generated IQY file.

Spreadsheet: Use this approach to maintain queries within the spreadsheet. This approach has the advantage of having the queries visible in the spreadsheet. This is in most cases the preferred approach.

IQY File: The query will be embedded within the IQY file. Use this approach if your query exceeds the 256 character limit of an IQY parameter.

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