Analytics Query Tool - Sources Panel

The panel on the left contains the drag-and-drop “Sources”. The panel contains tabs for “Metrics”, “Dimensions”, and “Profiles”.


Metrics are the collected and calculated statistics for user activity on a web site, and are generally aggregated counts, averages, or times. For example, a query with the metric Time on Page (ga:timeOnPage) would display the total time of all visits to a site, while Avg Time on Page (ga:avgPageDuration) would show the average instead of the total.


Dimensions are the primary data keys for analytics reports, and are used to group or segment Metrics. For example using the dimension City (ga:city) along with the metric Avg Time on Page (ga:avgPageDuration) would show the average time on page for each city.

The dimension group Site contains a special dimension GA Profile which when present on rows or columns will allow the user to drag multiple profiles into the Profiles panel. The effect is to have profile act as a dimension and to compare results across profiles.


The Profiles shown are based on the Google Analytics account you associated with your ShufflePoint account. This association is done by clicking the “Google Analytics” link on the “My ShufflePoint” page.

The Google Analytics profiles are grouped by account. If you have a primary Google Analytics account to which access has been granted by other Google Analytics accounts, and you associate the primary account with your ShufflePoint account, then you will see many accounts in this tab.