Analytics Query Language

ShufflePoint is powered by our Analytics Query Language (AQL). AQL, which is similar to SQL, provides many features that facilitate efficient digital analytics reporting.

The query tool is used to create and run Google Analytics AQL queries, and create URLs for Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Charts.

Going beyond the raw GA API

Generic timeframe and comparison

AQL supports generic timeframes such as “Last30Days”, making query reuse possible. Two timeframes can also be specified to generate a comparison result set in one step.

Formatting and sorting

AQL syntax includes a format function that allows you to build strings with embedded results for use within PowerPoint or Excel. It also supports sorting and limiting results to a specified number of rows.

Sophisticated filtering

AQL supports filter expressions to limit the data returned, either by metric value thresholds or by dimension member values. AQL passes these filter expressions directly to Google, so AQL will always be up-to-date in this regard.

Compare multiple profiles

When more than one profile is specified in a AQL query, the results are autmoatically correlated and presented in a single result set, making it easy to compare your sites.

Built in calculations

AQL makes it easy to obtain standard results such as metric percentages and dimension counts. Common calculations are also presented as selectable metrics, greatly simplifying the creation of usable statistics.

Data consistency

All web sites change over time as pages are added, renamed, or moved. AQL makes it possible to combine these results into a consistent result set through a built in mapping feature, improving data quality.

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