Frequently asked questions

Q. What is ShufflePoint all about?

We are dedicated to making it easy for web analytics professionals to get their job done efficiently. Whether you have a single site, or a set of language specific sites with a common taxonomy, ShufflePoint provides tools for the data collection and report generation, which will allow you to focus on data analysis. Thats what its supposed to be all about!

Q. Looking for help getting started? Or have complex web analytics reporting needs?

ShufflePoint can help! We are the experts in our tools, and we can setup a monthly reporting regime using either existing report templates or by creating custom reports based upon your business needs.

Q. How can I revoke ShufflePoint access to my Google Analytics?

A user can revoke access by visiting the following URL and explicitly revoking access:
The first part of this blog article shows how to revoke application access using the Google account tools.

Q. What are the system requirements?

The following are required to use ShufflePoint:

  • Excel 2000 - 2019 for Windows or Excel 2001-2011 for Mac to run web queries against your Google Analytics data.

Q. If I create an Excel report using IQY web queries, can a recipient of this file refresh the report?

Here's in a nutshell how it works:

  • If the access key is present in the sheet (see IQY Quickstart), then users can refresh the report - which will retrieve the current data from Google.
  • If the access key is not present in the sheet, then users cannot refresh the report.
  • If the user is provided an IQY file, then in addition to refreshing current queries, they will be able to add new queries. Note that a report recipient can also download the generic IQY file from ShufflePoint.

Help Documentation

Refer to the helpful ShufflePoint QuickStart and Reference Guides.

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