Querying Bronto using ShufflePoint


Bronto is an Email Service and Marketing Automation Provider.

The integration with Bronto is fairly straightforward and allows you to pull all the major email marketing metrics into Excel with a single query. That data can then be easily matched with data from other tools, i.e. Google Analytics traffic or commerce data, via a key such as a campaign ID.


To set up the integration you must login to your Bronto account and retrieve your API key. Instructions on doing this can be found in Bronto's documentation here: http://dev.bronto.com/question/how-get-api-key.

Once you have your Bronto API key simply login to ShufflePoint and go to the "Manage Datasources" page. Scroll down to the "Credential or Key Based Datasources" and find Bronto. Insert your API key and click "Update datasources."

Once this is done you can test a query either in the query tool or a ShufflePoint-connected Excel workbook.

Running Queries

Get standard campaign metrics

  METRICS br:numSends, br:numDeliveries, br:deliveryRate, br:numBounces, br:bounceRate, 
       br:uniqOpens, br:openRate, br:numClicks, br:clickRate, br:ctr ON COLUMNS
  DIMENSIONS br:date, br:campaignName ON ROWS
FROM default